The week that was {3}

It is hard when things dont go to plan. Whilst my organisation and time management skills have not been at the high level that I am used to in recent months,  I still… Continue reading

Inspired by Instagram trends.

I follow a lot of interior design pages on Instagram. Actually, I should say I stalk a lot of businesses. There are so many out there. So many who are influencing the spending… Continue reading

The week that was {2}

 This week combined getting ready for my double market weekend, along with some of my orders. It really is hard some times to manage time between the two. Knowing that customers have been… Continue reading

Inspired by Tetris.

Loading a car for a market never gets easier. Just when I think I have got it, I create something else that needs to be squeezed in or I add a new piece… Continue reading

I can’t draw, but I can cut.

  I have never been able to draw. Like ever. So I have always been challenged when people ask for things in their frames and I don’t have that particular paper, or stamp… Continue reading

The week that was {1}

    This week was all about personalised frames. I got 9 completed although I was really needing to get at least 12. Once again, that magic spell was needed to be cast… Continue reading

Behind the door at Inspired by Paper.

So this is where all the magic happens…. Well, I shouldnt say magic, it should be ‘creativity’. As if I was a magician, I would cast a spell on myself and work out… Continue reading

Inspired by a fresh start.

2014 has been a year of change. The biggest of all was giving up my full time job as a events manager at a 5 star hotel and spending more time on Inspired… Continue reading