I can’t draw, but I can cut.


I have never been able to draw. Like ever. So I have always been challenged when people ask for things in their frames and I don’t have that particular paper, or stamp or sticker. I use to try and find an alternative and avoid having to make it. This year I have tried to change that and there are times I look at things now and think, ‘wow, I made that?!’ Take that Mini Cooper car for example. That took around a hour to make. The request for the frame was only this car so it really needed to be a feature. Thanks to Google Images I found a picture and then worked on trying to create one based on copying the lines of the image. I was so happy with how it turned out. The monster truck and the tractor were more straightforward. Both of these requests from customers were responded with ‘yes, I can do that for you’ (I think it is my hotel background-always say yes!) and then when it came time to do it I freaked out wondering how. Then I started and both were created rather quickly. I really shouldn’t doubt myself.  I am keeping these items all handmade and loving doing it. This is only a selection of items from within my frames, I will share some more with you soon.