Behind the door at Inspired by Paper.


So this is where all the magic happens…. Well, I shouldnt say magic, it should be ‘creativity’. As if I was a magician, I would cast a spell on myself and work out a way to get all the ideas out of my head and onto paper a lot quicker. Sorry, back to the studio…. It is located in my sisters house. Yes, I leave all the mess away from my house and can just shut the door and walk away. She was kind enough to offer me one of her spare bedrooms and I must say, it was the best move for Inspired by Paper.  It is quite a large room and once I entered all my house of all my crafty items, there is not a spare area left. I absolutely love going there to work. I get great natural light in the day and am not distracted by housework and other chores. I look forward to sharing more of my studio over the months ahead.