Although I only started trading as Inspired by Paper in 2010, I have been creating with paper for over 25 years.  I recall my mum taking me to a card making and rubber stamp class with a family friend when I was about 13. From there my passion grew and so did my craft collection! For more than 10 years my main focus was cards. I loved using stamps and cutting paper to create cards for everyone’s special occasion.

In 2009 I created a personalised frame for a friends new baby. I then made another one. Then another one and fast forward 11 years, I have made over 900. Over this time I have been able to expand my range with many other paper creations including geometric images and hexagons to fill the walls of peoples homes.

After spending 12 years working full time in the hospitality industry running events at a top city hotel, I stepped away from it in 2014 to lead a less stressful life and focus more on my family and Inspired by Paper.

Mid 2016 I headed back into full time work and balanced my time between managing the bars and restaurants at a sporting stadium, teaching hospitality, creating at Inspired by Paper and continuing my quest to become a mum.

That dream came true in 2017 and now, being a mum is fitted in with working full time as a events manager and fulfilling many frame orders.

Not only will I share my paper creations with you on this blog, but some DIY projects, and my journey with motherhood.