Leaving those lists behind.

I was one of those people. The one who had unrealistic expectations about getting things done whilst on maternity leave. Its not that I thought that I would have all this free time,… Continue reading

A night away

Seven weeks into this motherhood journey I was starting to get sick of the inside of my house. The weather hadn’t been great so I had been too cold (or perhaps too lazy)… Continue reading

And then there were three.

A lifetime of wanting, Seven years of trying, With our twin babies Ryan and Liam watching down from heaven, We are delighted to finally hold this little bundle in our arms last week.… Continue reading

The Next Chapter

For those who subscribe to this blog, this is another IVF post so please only continue reading should you wish.  We finished up here with the wait.  The of waiting for the insides to recover. I… Continue reading

Footscray Finds

I have been wanting to clear out my market stock and start fresh for a while now and when I saw that there was a new market in town, Footscray Finds, it was… Continue reading

Sharing my journey.

The IVF journey is a common one for many couples around the world. Some having gone through it once, some over and over again. After going through the process several times, one time… Continue reading

New beginnings…

A lot has happened since my last post. And I mean a lot. Some of you are probably opening this in your inbox for the first time in over 6 months and wondering… Continue reading

Inspired by kids artwork

Socks, underwear, golf balls. Its not always a easy (or fun) job buying those fathers day presents each year. Several years ago I put together a frame for a customer which was created… Continue reading

Headdress and Teepees

Sometimes my new designs come from putting ideas together based on customers requests and other times I let loose and go wild with that creative side in me. In this situation, I was… Continue reading

Grieving my way.

The ashes. What to do with ones ashes can sometimes be a easy decision for some after dealing with death. For us, it was something we avoided discussing. So as we approached the year anniversary… Continue reading