Inspired by Tetris.

iphone 755

Loading a car for a market never gets easier. Just when I think I have got it, I create something else that needs to be squeezed in or I add a new piece of furniture. Gone are the standard trestle and tablecloth days. This was my car this morning heading to Emu Plains market. The marquee, the pine trestle, the ladder frame, the card display box, all my stock and the important esky bag with food and drinks to help make it through the day. I had added 5 large frames to this car load this week so it definitely was a challenge to ensure they were in there safely. I really need to be very alert whilst driving. Relying on the side mirrors only to move around the roads and cautiously turning corners to ensure things don’t bang about.  The best part about packing up is when there is not as much stock to go back in.

Always means a good day at the market!