We’re off to see the Wizard.



It was five years ago when I was asked to make a frame for Madeline with a Wizard of Oz theme. At the time it was a new and exciting challenge for me and as you can see, I made it including the yellow brick road, Toto and the ruby red shoes amongst other things.

It wasn’t long after that when I was asked to do one for Madeline’s sister and the Edwina one was created. I recall it being a challenge as I tried not to double up on any of the previous frames items (well except the yellow brick road!) So for this one I loved making a little weatherboard house, a scarecrow and the tin man.

And then fast forward to late last year, the now blended family had two extra kids living in the house and the customer wanted to get them one each. That is when I became more challenging. What to put on it?? After some discussions and recommendations, for the Lennox frame we made the feature be emerald city whilst the Harlow frame was Munchkin land. Both were challenging to get sketched and cut and looking like what I was visualising in my head!

Whilst I don’t have a photo of the four of them all together, you can see them individually above. I laugh looking at the Madeline photo, it was before I took photos of them in the frames due to the reflection. And then it was pointed out to me to take the glass out. (Gosh, I felt pretty stupid then!)

I really do love being challenged with new designs like this. Well, I say that now but often are pacing about and freaking out trying to work out what to do. It always all comes together and I then wonder what I was stressing about!

Below you can see some more close ups of the frames.