Creating a new story with these books.

I just love looking through old story books. I cant help but head to the children’s book section of second hand/op shops when I walk past. I often flick through the pages and look for ones with beautiful images that can be used. Over the years, I have had requests for various themes and tried to hunt down the best book to use. I love that it makes the frames unique. Once I have cut up that page of the book, I cant use it again. The collection of books in my workroom is getting a tad too big and I really need to stop purchasing more. I have always hoped that when I have time, I was going to start designing frames with these books and having them available to purchase and just add the name. The key words there being when I have time, so I guess it wont be happening anytime soon.

I love the Alexander Peter Rabbit frame below. The images of Peter were just so beautiful and it is such a simple design and colours. The Victoria frame didn’t exactly come from a vintage story book but I am sure that the Frozen story will still be around in many years to come! If I recall correctly, Alice Victoria was sent overseas to a Aussie and so I went with a Australiana theme with the flowers.

You can see alongside the Leonard and Phoebe frames what books they came from. I really can’t say that I know of the Hank story and all honestly I am really not sure what made me buy it but it was selected by a customer for the Leonard design and is a unique design for Leonard’s room.

There are so many different books used in the collage below. Another Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, a fireman teddy book, a farmyard book, gum nut babies book and my all time favourite Pinocchio. This Miles frame that was made several years ago still sits in my mind and one of my favourites. I recall it taking a lot of time to get right and complete but the simple shapes and images come together to create a pretty special frame.

Below you can see a bit more of the closer detail in Jared and Willows frame. I always ensure there are several layers in the frames with the papers and the embellishments.

Do you have a favourite story book that you think will be perfect to create into a frame? I am happy to take orders on new designs with your favourite book.