The meaning of my rainbow.

When designing a frame for Patrick’s room I decided not to go with my standard white squares design. Besides the fact I knew looking at it each day would make me want to make changes to it, I wanted to do something with a bit more meaning.

When we see rainbows many people think of happy things and admire the beauty they create in the sky. When I see them, I think of my angel babies. I take a moment to think of them up there in the sky. Patrick is a rainbow baby. For those not familiar with the term, it is the baby born after the miscarriage, stillborn or infant loss of another baby. It is said that the term came from the loss of the baby being the storm and when it is all over, there is a bright rainbow at the end of it all and gives hope on things getting better after the storm.

So when it came time for me to make a piece of work for Patrick’s room, I felt the rainbow was the perfect thing. So here is his rainbow. Simple design but full of a lot of love and meaning. The four arches represent those close to him who are in the sky and watch over him. His twin brothers Ryan and Liam, his uncle Stuart (my brother) and is nana Lyn (my mum). We have started saying good night to each of the arches at the end of the day. One day he I’ll understand who all these special people are and I can sit and tell many stories about them. But today we will remember his big brothers. It was three years today since they took their last breath and entered the world unexpectedly and sleeping. Three years since I held them and said goodbye.