The not so forgotten card.

Nowadays, birthday wishes are often delivered via a digital message. Whether it be a text or facebook message, a snapchat or insta story and even with these, the words can be limited and often replaced with emojis or GIFS. Gone are the days of picking up the phone and passing on the words of celebration and I was starting to think that the greeting card was nearly on the way out too.

This post was initially drafted as the forgotten card story but fortunately my recent market stall proved me wrong. Cards are not forgotten. They are still being purchased and given by many people. Whilst several years back my market stall used to sell 100+ cards, these days it is probably a maximum of half of that. People are still looking, people are still asking for certain occasions, people are still admiring the handmade goodness.

My passion for making cards was definitely ignited in the last few weeks. The designs, colours, patterns and theme options are endless. So many possibilities. Sitting there for hours coming up with new ideas and putting it all together was so relaxing.

The workroom ended up a complete mess and there was paper everywhere but I loved it. No pressure. No limitations. Then there was the reward of customers looking through them all and making comments on the ones they like. Not being able to decide. I always try and remind them that you never can have enough cards in stock just to pull out for a birthday party.

So if you would like a selection of cards sent to you, be sure to let me know and we can come up with a combination of themes.

Some of the recently creations can be seen below.