New beginnings…

A lot has happened since my last post. And I mean a lot. Some of you are probably opening this in your inbox for the first time in over 6 months and wondering who I am and why you are receiving it.

One of the main reasons has been my lack in technology skills and this website and domain going out of action for more than three months. Whilst the big brand company will probably blame the expired old credit card on file meaning the domain name wasn’t renewed, I will blame the fact I spent three months trying to log in and pay the $9.95 to get it back. Why don’t Google have a 1300 number to help me?? I eventually had to wait for the domain to come back on the market again and buy it. Fortunately no one else in the world wanted to have Inspired by Paper as their business name so I am back to share my stories and creations with you.

So fast forward now to what is nearly mid 2017. That in itself is totally scary and as I just ticked over another year of living on the weekend, I was reminded by my grandfather that I am old. Well, when he asked how old I turned and I told him, he replied with- “you’re not that old are you?”. Thanks pop…

Life is still busy as always. Juggling the full time job, with the one day of teaching, the Inspired by Paper orders whilst trying to complete some home improvements- what am I thinking? Well I think I am going to crack soon. Won’t be long until I can’t handle it all. I can feel it. But until then, I will keep plodding along and surviving on chocolate. (Have you tasted the new Cadbury marvellous creations? I mean seriously, I cant walk past a block without buying one!)

There are a few draft posts I have had sitting here for ages waiting to share with you on a update with my journey to motherhood, along with some photos of recent creations as well as a tour of my new workroom. New? Well not anymore as I moved there in January and must share some photos with you (that is once I give it a bit of a clean up!)

So plenty to come and I look forward to seeing you check back in here to read about it all.

For those clicking on this via my website, the featured image is one of my beautiful family taken on my dads birthday in March. We managed to get us all in and balance a iphone on some tree stumps to capture it. It was pure skill.