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2020 and me

Like everyone else in the world, 2020 has not exactly gone to plan for me. Well I did not actually write out a plan, but it has definitely not gone the way I… Continue reading

Leaving those lists behind.

I was one of those people. The one who had unrealistic expectations about getting things done whilst on maternity leave. Its not that I thought that I would have all this free time,… Continue reading

A night away

Seven weeks into this motherhood journey I was starting to get sick of the inside of my house. The weather hadn’t been great so I had been too cold (or perhaps too lazy)… Continue reading

New beginnings…

A lot has happened since my last post. And I mean a lot. Some of you are probably opening this in your inbox for the first time in over 6 months and wondering… Continue reading

Inspired by these two cuties.

I have written about my darling niece Mia beforeĀ as she is my number one helper at the Inspired by Paper workroom and a true inspiration as she continues her battle with Leukemia. Along… Continue reading

The hardest day of my life.

  The personal post I wasn’t going to publish but decided it might be good for others to know they are not alone….   We talked about the year ahead. It was hard… Continue reading

The event that re-ignited my passion

When I left my full time job last year, something just wasn’t right. I wasn’t myself. I was mentally and physically exhausted and just needed some time away. Something was missing. The moment… Continue reading

Inspired by my darling niece.

I cant believe 2015 is here already. And I also cant believe I slacked off and didnt post on here in December. Actually, I can believe that. December was a CRAZY month. I… Continue reading

Inspired by your kind words.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much. Running a handmade small business, you often wonder if you are doing the right thing. Whether you have made the right decision. Whether you should have stayed at… Continue reading

Inspired by a fresh start.

2014 has been a year of change. The biggest of all was giving up my full time job as a events manager at a 5 star hotel and spending more time on Inspired… Continue reading