Keeping toys organised.

In order to keep a house organised, everything needs to have a place. Since Master P was a baby, I have always tried to keep his toy storage simple and well thought out. At the end of (most!) days, they go away back into their spots and it is a quick and simple process. He isn’t usually a messy player and takes out only a few things at once. When other kids have been here and left a path of destruction he will say “look at this mess!”.

When seeing all the wonderful labels that people use to organise their toys on Instagram, I thought they look great but are not practical for a toddler. They can’t read so wouldn’t know where things need to go.

I have therefore used two different ways to organise his toys. One is photos and one is vinyl cut-outs.

I thought the items that go in the containers with the photos were harder to capture with one single cut-out, so I decided to take a photo instead. This way he knows what is in each one and can pull out the correct container. It also helps when there are other kids here, so they don’t pull each of them out looking to see what is inside.


I have used a vinyl cut-out as the other type of labels. These have been used on both boxes- trains, dinosaurs and trucks, and also on his cupboard drawers- puzzles, tools and music.  Once again, he knows where everything is and where to put things away.


Being home so much in 2020 it has been good to see these simple ideas work. Toys are on rotation all day every day and yet the house never gets into any major disorder. The recent birthday for my son saw a few more toys added to his collection and they each found a spot to go.

The only thing I am now needing storage for is Lego. Post isolation I will head to the shops and look for some of the small compartment like containers. Just something I don’t like buying online as I like to see them in person- yes, I take my organising very seriously!

What are your favourite ways to organise toys?