A night away

Seven weeks into this motherhood journey I was starting to get sick of the inside of my house. The weather hadn’t been great so I had been too cold (or perhaps too lazy) to venture out on walks, too nervous to head out on cafe dates, and too tired to put full sentences together. I decided a last minute surprise getaway would be good for hubby and Patrick (and secretly, more so for me!)

I love that Victoria has so many great places to explore that are less than a hour away from the heart of Melbourne. I decided to head north west down the Calder Fwy to Macedon for the night. We first went to Woodend for a good old country lunch in the bakery. There is something about small towns and their bakeries. We love trying out the pies and sausage rolls (followed by chocolate eclairs and vanilla slices!)

Then we headed to Macedon Cottage where we were staying the night. Located on alongside a beautiful house, this converted barn is rented out on airbnb and has everything you need for a quiet night away. The main bedroom was so big and after a night in the king size bed, I was googling prices to update our bedroom suite at home. It was so comfortable and roomy. The lounge had a wood fire heater which we put on in the evening and enjoyed some gourmet pizzas from the local Italian restaurant. The bathroom was so new and modern and it was nice and relaxing to use a shower that didn’t leak or have mould in it (bathroom reno is still on my to do list at home).

It was only a 24 hour getaway but a good chance to refresh the mind and just take a break from the dullness of my house. Even managed to sit out on the deck and enjoy a glass of wine between feeds. The peace and quiet, the serenity, the view was just so relaxing. We must really do this more often.

The property that we stayed at https://www.airbnb.com.au/rooms/16690998