A touch of handmade in the man cave.

When we turned our garage into a bar,  the term man cave came up a lot. I was quite happy to refer to it as that but I was determined to decide on the styling and fit out of it all. I do have a love of sport and didn’t mind the framed jumpers going up on the wall in there but I also wanted to ensure that it was a area that I could go sit with and enjoy with my friends and not feel like we were in a male only zone.

Along with the sporting photos, there were a couple of handmade pieces that I added to the walls with a Inspired by Paper touch. The first thing were these medals. With hubby having represented both the state and country playing softball, there were photos of these achievements on the walls. But there were two premiership medals for national titles that sat in a box inside so I decided to put them in a frame to hang proudly amongst the photos.

inspired by paper- medals

It was such a simple process and just that little bit more special than them hanging on a hook.

Another couple pieces were my Western Bulldogs frames. Some may call it hoarding but I just call it memorabilia. I had a box of things I had kept from growing up which included a heap of Western Bulldogs paraphernalia. Whilst many things went into the bin from that box, I just couldn’t part with these badges as I really loved the old school feel of them and the memories of growing up and going to Whitten oval to watch the footy. The crafter in me decided to frame them too. So with the grass paper in the background, they now sit nicely in the frame alongside my other bit of artwork in the bulldogs colours.


There is still a bit of wall space available in the bar so I may have think of some more things to makefor the walls!

medals   bulldogs2