And the’re off and racing…


melbourne cup 3

So if you are following me on Snap Chat you would have seen a lot of photos of horses pop up. And no, I didn’t go out and buy myself a horse, I am talking about horses of the paper kind. I was asked to do some invitations for a business having a marquee at the upcoming Spring Racing Carnival. I was feeling the pressure knowing that they were going to be sent to some big name businesses and emphasized to the client that it was going to be purely handmade and not digital. She still said yes (insert surprised face here.)

The design was discussed and a template created. I still don’t make use of the technology that is out there today to make things easier for me. The truth is, I wouldn’t know where to start and what exactly to look for. I guess in this situation, some form of laser cutter would have saved about 20 hours of my time.

Instead, I kept this all completely handmade and hired the help of my hubby (for small amounts of tracing, the making of dinner and endless cups of tea!). A trestle was set up in the lounge room for two weeks and every night I sat there cutting these horses. I needed to make 50 invitations and each one had 3 horses on them.

So my technique involved creating a template with a piece of cardboard, then tracing that onto the coloured card, and then cutting it with scissors. Yes, I did that 150 times. Putting them all together took some time too. Firstly cutting up all the black card, then lining up the horses and gluing them down and then sticking the black card on the white card.

It was one of those orders I never thought was going to get done and it was such a great feeling to tick it off my list and move on to the next project. of course, my only question now is- will one of those invitations be coming my way?!

Melbourne Cup 6

Melbourne Cup

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