Inspired by the photo.

Getting the frame order right for a customer is always a hard thing for me to do, especially when they are custom. If someone asks for a previous design, they know what it is going to look like so I am able to make it with not a lot of thought required. But for the custom orders, I tend to over think about every square and trying to ensure that I am getting everything into the frame that has been asked for. My personalised frames may seem so small and simple to some observers but they don’t always come together too easily and many hours go into each one.

Sometimes custom orders are based on colours and themes. I will get asked to include certain objects, animals, methods of transport etc combined with certain colours to match the nursery. It is so good to hand these over to customers and see the smile on their faces knowing that I have achieved what they have wanted.

Other times I have been sent a photo of something that they would like me to draw inspiration from and I will share a few of these with you. photo 1 (2)


The above nursery photo was sent to me to make Penelope’s frame (below). From this photo you can see I selected the colours to compliment those already in the room on the wall stickers. Sometimes this is hard as depending on the room I may need to throw in some more colours to make it work. Fortunately Penelope’s room had so many options and after playing around, I made my selection and started on the frame. The other elements of the frame are then added in. The elephant, owl, flowers and butterflies were all added and then I usually like to add some ribbon and a button to most frames. Once it is laid out I often move it all about until I am happy and add smaller pieces of paper shapes to fill in the empty spots.download1


Another frame order I had last year was inspired by a handmade blanket in the photo that the customer sent. If I recall correctly, it was handmade by a family member and the name frame was to match. I really enjoyed making this one with all the bright colours and big shapes and know that the frame would have looked great on the wall above this blanket.

photo 2 (3)


The last one I will share is inspired by the photo sent to me of a beautiful piece of artwork already in the nursery. The colours on here were taken and used in the frame for Florence along with circles and triangles to create one of my favourite designs of this year. I love that all nurseries are different and not always about teddy bears and elephants and that I was able to create a geometric frame for Florence’s room.