My night of Show and Tell.

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Last night I got to listen to the ladies from Show and Tell talk all things about their website, blogging, motherhood, some of the challenges they have had and boobs. Yep, in person Monty was just as funny as on the radio and TV and spoke about how she told Stacey and Brooke that they need boobs on their Facebook page to gain more likes and engagement.

The night was run by League of Extraordinary Women and by no means do I feel I fit into this title at all. In fact it scared me walking in. The thought of standing amongst all these successful women freaked me out big time. But that was another reason I was going alone. I usually would have asked one of my friends to come with me and we would have stood their talking and not networking. But last night it was talk to someone or look liker a loser standing on your own.

So in the beautiful co-working space called One Roof Women, around 40 women sat and listened (and admired the ladies- I totally had hair envy of Brooke’s new hair cut.) Sara from inka Marketing hosted the night and led the questions. As a reader of their blog for quite a while now, I see the final product and don’t think of what is happening behind the scenes. I read and watch all the stories and think of how well the website is going with all the big name interviews. So it was good to hear they face the same problems we all are. Trying to work out all the changes to the Facebook algorithms, how often and when to post things, balancing time spent on the business and the guilt felt when working from home whilst thinking you should be unloading the dishwasher or hanging out with the kids.

Monty also spoke about the financial risks that were taken and how she needed there to be another job bringing in the income whilst slowly tinkering away on the passion project. She said you are running your own game and sometimes it can be scared and lonely as the security isn’t there. But then also they often need to remind themselves they can have fun and write their own rules.

Probably the most memorable line of the night that got us all laughing was “Nobody knows anything. They know what they know and that is nothing”.  I am not sure if they were suppose to be words of encouragement or not to a room of inspiring women!

And so did I network? Well I took a seat and introduced myself to Tess who does Holistic Coaching. It was lovely to hear about her business and the workshops she is running.  I walked past the Show and Tell ladies as they chatted with some of guests. My fear stopped me from joining in and introducing myself as I really did not know what I was going to say.  I probably would have gone all silent and forgotten my own name!

It was such a enjoyable evening and I noted some great tips that could help with my little business. I may however keep the boob sharing one tucked away and only pull out if I am desperate!

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