DIY Shadow box makeover

Inspired by Paper

First there was #ikeahacks but now #kmarthacks are a common hashtag that gets posted on social media. Kmarts range of affordable home wares for both kids and adults have seen women driving all over town to find that item that is trending on the many Kmart lovers Instagram pages.

I brought the pink shadow box from Kmart almost a year ago for $12 and it was one of the many items that sat untouched in our second bedroom which will one day become a nursery. When I recently saw the role of silver metal looking book contact (also from Kmart $5), I knew exactly how I was going to transform it. I the only other things I needed were some scissors, scrap paper and fake grass (I don’t know where it came from- just another random item I had stashed in my house!).

Inspired by Paper

Before I cut the contact, I created a template with a bit of scrap paper. I thought it would make it easier to cut the contact. Once the contact was cut, I placed it over the pink backing. I somehow didn’t get it perfect though. Luckily it was where the grass was gong to go.

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Inspired by Paper


Next was to cut some grass to place on the base with some double sided tape or glue.

And it is all done!

Inspired by Paper   Inspired by Paper

This was a quick little project that took less than a hour. It now belongs in my nephews room and he loves driving his cars on it.

Some tips if you were going to try this yourself:

  • use a pen or some paint to go around the edges of pink to cover the bits of pink that you may miss with the contact
  • the pink back looks like it could come off and be nailed back on so if you are up for a bit more work, totally remove the pink back, contact it and attach it back on.