Name frame love

Orders for Inspired by Papers range of personalised name frames have continually ticked over for the last 6 years. Whilst there has been a lot of new designs in other creations that have come and gone, the personalised name frames have been a constant item available. There are customers who find me at markets, some who have found me via social media, some via word of mouth and some who have been gifted them and have then gone on to purchase. I find it rather rewarding when recipients of frames then decide to purchase one. As it means they have loved their gift enough to then purchase for someone else.

During a recent getaway (which I will share with you later in the week), I was able to update all my spreadsheets and numbers and see I have ticked over the 600 mark for personalised frames created. So throughout not only Melbourne, but many places around the world, there are over 600 personalised frames that have adorned the walls of a child’s room over the years. So many different names (some very common and some rather unique), so many different colours and themes.

I thought I would share some of my favourite frames from over the last few months.