DIY Grid Board

Boards like this are popping up all over Instagram and helping style up some beautiful home office spaces. I had a blank wall behind my desk in my studio and thought this was the perfect thing to add. Instead of just hanging it straight onto wall hooks, I added a little personal touch to mine and share below how it was done.

2016 382 I picked up a belt at the opp shop for $2.

The belt was cut up to roughly equal lengths (I wasn’t being too fussy!) and slotted into the top of the mesh. Holes were punched into the top and bottom of each piece of leather.

2016 380  2016 379

Next you need to add the ring and the silver brad.

2016 378


The actual grid board itself was purchased at Bunnings and is something that is designed for gardens for growing plants or other DIY projects. It was only $17 so this little project was only around the $20 mark.

Below you can see the final product up on my wall. I must say, the hardest and most time consuming part was putting the hooks on the wall in the right place. I was doing it on my own and the two end ones are a little out and I think I will straighten them up as it is annoying me! I recommend that you do the hanging part with a second set of hands so someone can hold the board and someone align the hooks.

I hope this has given you some inspiration for a bit of home DIY.