Inspired by Paper goes digital.

Inspired by Paper has always been about handmade. To me, handmade was always cutting, sticking and being creative with your hands. Holding the objects you are creating with. But like many things, handmade has developed. Many designs, paintings, sketches are now drawn and created but then scanned and edited online. Of course if you only had to draw an image once and then could get it printed 100 times why wouldn’t you do that to save on time and money?

I was totally not into the digital world of creating until recently. I really didn’t understand it too well and felt like it was a whole new world that I didn’t have time to go and visit. But over the last 6 months I have had a couple of peaks into this world and realised that there could be a future there for Inspired by Paper. My first visit was when a talented friend Lou from Totally Innocent scanned one of my creations and showed me some of the things that could be done with it in photo shop. It really opened my eyes up and was a lot to take in but it got me interested.

The next peak into the digital world was for my sisters wedding when asked to do the invitations. Not 100. Just 1. Her now husband, is an expert in computers (like uses all that fancy computer lingo and does all the coding stuff that makes me even more confused when I look at the screen!). So all I was required to do was scan it to him and then he would work the magic online.

2016 477

So you can see how awesome it turned out above. My handmade one on the left and then how they were able to scan it and add the text to the right. Gosh I felt pretty cool. And then to make me feel even more supercool, they created a webpage with all the wedding info included and my creation was the background print.

2016 478

2016 470

Pretty impressive hey? I felt totally professional, but slightly guilty I had done the quick and easy part. I wouldn’t like to know how many hours were spent on the computer doing the rest of it.

Moving on from the wedding invite, I decided to try and design one on my own for the bridal shower invitation. And yes, on the computer. Now, I will not reveal what programs I used to do the text and editing (my new brother in law would be shaking his head in horror) but lets just say the quality was no where near the high standard of the wedding invite. But hey, you can see the paper version below on the left, and the printed version I somehow managed to create on the right. I managed to do ok!

2016 459

I am not sure when my next venture into the digital world will be, but I think I will need to be buying tickets and jumping on the plane there sooner than I think.