Inspired by Christmas


Christmas is the best time of year for handmade gifts. I inherited off my mum a large collection of chocolate molds. At least 50 of them suitable for many occasions. I invited my niece and nephew over last week to help me make some Christmas gifts. Whilst three-year old Jack only lasted one tray (he was more keen on eating the chocolate than creating with it), Mia helped make a great range of chocolates that I was able to bag up and give to friends. It was such a fun activity to do together and she was so pleased with her creations. Here is what we started off with:

Christmas 2

We had smashed up crunchies, lolly bananas, marshmallows, crushed up maltesers, mini m&m’s and raspberries. We went through about 6 bags of chocolate melts too.

Chirstmas  Nov 020

Some of the chocolates as they came out the molds.

Nov 026

You can see how much love they are made with and that is what Christmas should be all about.