Meet the team | One Minute with Kasey


After meeting my team member Mia in a previous post, we reversed the roles and she asked me the questions. She came up with all the questions herself and like to make the point on numerous occasions that she asked me more than I asked her! I have tried not to edit them and keep them in her words and just removed a couple that were a little on the repetitive side.

(Mia) You are a hard person to take a photo of.

(Kasey) Yes, I know. I hate photos of myself. Perhaps I should have brushed my hair?

Yes you should have. I don’t have to worry about that at the moment (she said with a cute smile). Now come on, get to work. You have to answer these questions.

What do you like about Inspired by Paper?

Well there is a lot I like about it. I love being able to be creative and come up with unique pieces. I love seeing photos of them on the walls of people’s houses. I also love seeing customer’s reactions when seeing their orders. It makes it all worthwhile.

What is your favourite thing to make?

This always changes. I have loved making the geometric pears lately. They are just so cute! At the moment I am enjoying making personalised frames. They definitely go from being a most favourite to least favourite very frequently!

What do you think you could make more of?

Definitely some more geometric ones with triangles and hexagons.

What do you think you could make more of that you haven’t made before?

I would love to have some time to make some new items but all my time in the studio lately is all completing orders. I really want to give a swan a try as well as some more silhouette shapes. I loved the ballerinas but want to do some for boys. More like running or footy silhouettes. I will get there eventually.

What don’t you like about Inspired by Paper?

When I stop enjoying it and get really stressed. Usually it comes with a creative block and frustration that I can’t get a design right or feel like I have met the customers brief.

Who is your favourite worker?

You of course!

What is your favourite market to attend of all of them?

I love Maribyrnong Makers Market. I have been doing it for about 4 years and it is something about the community feel to it. Everyone is so friendly. I also liked doing Swagger market recently. It had so many talented stallholders there and a high standard of products.

What is your most popular frame out of all of them?

The fact that I am coming up to nearly 600 personalised name frames I would have to say they are the most popular.

What is everybody’s favourite colour to put in the frames?

I’d like to say something different but for the boys it is blue. For the girl frames it varies. Lately people have tried to steer away from the pinks and go more purples, greens and aqua.

What is the best frame you have made out of all of them?

One of the ones I looked at and totally loved was the Pinocchio one. It was so simple but just came together nicely. Have you seen it? No Shall I include a photo of it in the blog then? Yes.

What is your favourite thing to do for Inspired by Paper?

Hang out in my studio and make things with you!

How many customers do you get in a week?

Oh, this is a good question Mia. The amount varies and sometimes it can be one but other times it could be more. Going on the last month’s figures I would say an average of 5 or 6 orders a week.

What are the most colours you put in frame?

I always try and put in at least three. Sometimes people only say one and I have to ask for more colours as only one or two don’t work as well.

How much time do you spend on a frame in weeks, hours and minutes?

Ok so I would like to say that frames don’t take more than a week but I will be honest and say that some have sat their incomplete for more than a week waiting for me to get my mojo back and decide what to do with it! Most of the geometric frames take a couple of hours. The personalised frames take at least 1.5 hours. Mainly between 2-3 hours. It depends on whether they are custom or existing designs.

How much time do you spend on Instagram and facebook everyday?

Too much time! Well on Instagram that is. I would say I check it every hour or two. But I’m not much of a facebook fan and just use my Pages App to look at Inspired by Paper page.

Here is the Pinocchio frame that is one of my favourite:401. June 2014

And here is another photo of Mia as I know how much she loves photos of herself!Mia