Party time | with Laura Blythman.


july 051


There is a great new small business on the block called Little Me Collaborative. Clare from Little Light Studios has teamed up with Simone from Invite Me and the talented duo are styling and photographing products together.

So where do I fit in? Well, they were lucky enough to get a sneak peak at limited edition paper plates the lovely Laura Blythman will be releasing soon (sold exclusively online at Lark). When planning the photo shoot, they wanted a party hat to be on the model. And that hat was to be made out of a paper cup. Apparently I am good with paper things (!!) so I agreed to try and come up with something that would suit the brief.

I started with the supplies in the above photo. I really didn’t know where to start. However I did know that I didn’t like the flowers on the cup and wanted to cover them up. So I started off making some sort of template for a strip of paper that curves around the cup and sits flat and even. From there I was able to come up with several options for Little Me to work with including one with a flower made from paper doilies. I loved the idea of the straws sticking out and I had a few felt balls on wire that they were able to move in between the hats to sit in the straws they wanted.

Now they all look nice and neat from the front but lucky you cant see the back or inside! There are clumps of hot glue gun, staples, wire and I didn’t have enough gold paper to make it all around the cup.

july 052

When I got a sneak peak of the gorgeous Layla holding the plate I screamed with delight. I couldn’t believe how awesome the whole photo looked. Yes, my eyes were drawn to the hat I had created but I was just in love with the whole photo. Little Me were given one plate to work with and to come up with ideas like this (and other photos including chocolates by Nectar and Stone) is just amazing.

Inspired by Paper.Little Me

Thank you to Simone and Clare for giving me this little challenge. It was a delight to work with you.

Now go ahead and clink on all these links I have given you in this post. I have never mentioned so many awesome businesses in one post and provided so many links. So go on, go check out their pages!