New Range | Day 5 & 6: Prism Twins & Hexagon ‘Mia’

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So I didn’t cant a chance to post my day 5 of my new range so I will combine it with day 6. We start of with what I call prism twins. I have had feedback that people can not fit some of my larger frames in their rooms and therefore I thought I would do some smaller combinations. Sometimes, just one frame doesn’t look as good. I am not sure why. I have put two of these smaller (20x25cm) frames on the wall and then held up one a3 frame in the same position and the two smaller ones seem to work better. So I thought I would but a few colour combinations together and have them available as a pair.  I look forward to taking them to my upcoming markets and seeing the response.

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Today’s new piece is the Hexagon Mia. Similar to the Hexagon Joy, it is a 50 x 70 cm frame and all handcut papers to create the hexagons. I love the bright colours in this one. I actually tested it in my niece Mia’s room as she has a pink wall. It was a change to some of the other more commercialised pieces available and really suited her room.

Thanks for sticking with me this far. Six days down and four to go. but for now, I have some more creating to do…..